Karl Mielke Consulting B.V., Netherlands                                                                                         

2017 until today

Started my own consulting company. Main clients are a US based salt producer, Specialty Fertilizers companies and Investment Companies as well as Private Equity interested in the fertilizer industry.


ICL, Tel Aviv, Israel

A leading fertilizer and chemicals company. Listed at the New York and Tel Aviv stock exchange

President and CEO ICL Specialty Fertilizers

2013 -2016

Leading the global Business Unit of Specialty Fertilizers with more than 900 employees and about $800M revenues. Based in Waardenburg, The Netherlands.


K+S Aktiengesellschaft, Kassel, Germany                                                                       

K+S AG (DAX: SDF) is a mining company and one of the world’s leading suppliers of standard and specialty fertilizers and the world’s leading producer in the salt business.

President & CEO, K+S North America Salt Holdings LLC             

2010 – 2013                       

Holding Company of the Business Unit Salt of K+S AG

As Head of the K+S Group’s Business Unit Salt, I provide leadership to 5000+ employees worldwide. K+S Salt includes esco in Europe, SPL in Chile and Morton Salt in North America.

Gerente General/CEO, Sociedad Punta de Lobos SA  

2006 – 2009                                                             

Part of the K+S Group, SPL is a Chilean company with the lowest cost salt mining operation worldwide.

Managing Director,  esco GmbH (European Salt Company)        

2004 – 2006

Created as a joint venture between the salt operations of K+S and Solvay Belgium, esco has been 100% owned by K+S AG since 2004.


COMPO GmbH & Co. KG, part of BASF AG                                             

1989 – 2003

BASF AG (DAX: BAS) is the largest diversified chemical company in the world – COMPO was the Specialty Fertilizer Business Unit of BASF AG active in professional and consumer business. In 2000, the business was acquired by K+S AG.